Making more glamorous graphs in ggplot2

How to make glamorous graphics in ggplot2 inspired by William R. Chase.

Marcin Kierczak

4 minute read

Inspired by William R. Chase’s rstudio::rconf2020 lecture “The Glamour of Graphics”, I have decided to enchance my old plot. The plot, I am showing every year to motivate my students to learn R. The plot shows how the number of R packages available in various repositories increases over years.

Plotting 23andMe markers density using karyoploteR

Learn how to plot 23andMe markers density on a karyogram.

Marcin Kierczak

27 minute read

23andMe is a personal genomics and biotechnology company based in Mountain View, CA. It offers saliva-based direct to consumer genetic testing and it probably is one of the most popular choices among people who wish to learn more about their own genetic makeup, including genetic genealogy/ancestry analyses.