I am a bioinformatics data scientist, currently working at the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure, Sweden in the long-term support group a.k.a. WABI.  I am also employed at the Department of Cell and Molecular BiologyUppsala University and at the Science For Life Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden.

I am a data scientist supporting bleeding-edge research projects within genomics and computational biology. My professional interests span across more than one discipline: from statistical genomics, machine-learning and feature selection to proteomics and mapping complex genetic architectures. I am also a course leader teaching R for non-programmers and Advanced R for data scientists. I work with research reproducibility and explanatory programming and I am a big enthusiast of the tidyverse.

Apart from my research I enjoy jazz, hiking and mountaineering, literature and ancient history, recently also geocaching and playing jazz on my alto saxophone manufactured by Martin in the 1950-ties.